Our non 12 steps treatment facility is located in the hills of Malibu in California. We are so honored of our personalized care services that we offer to addicts. We utilize the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), yoga, health and nutrition, counseling, motivational interviews as well as dual diagnosis treatment. Our staff are out to help the addicted groups and individuals to get sober someday. Not forgetting our counselors, psychiatrists, therapists and doctors who work so hard to ministers treatment modalities.

Personalized addiction treatment

Due to our small number, we are capable of providing a one-on-one care to each and every member that is in the elevation community and each individual has an equal opportunity of regular meeting with the therapists. In this community, everyone has an opportunity of feeling safe as well as cared for. We strive to know everyone in person which is never the case in the treatment industry, so that the safety is maintained for everyone as well as the required care.

Alternate recovery programs

We endeavor to do our best in providing a variety of possibilities for everyone including our residents. We might not have a single answer for everyone, but we work towards finding a path to recovery, health as well as sobriety to all the residents that live with us. Our dual diagnosis treatment programs are founded on evidence based techniques that are verified to be effective methods for dealing with addiction.

Alternatives to 12 step recovery

The alternative to the 12 step recovery is the smart recovery that is gaining momentum since its foundation in the 1990s. Smart meetings are available worldwide and it continues to adapt its program to do the work of specifically understanding the addiction progress. Smart alternative has taken route regardless of the opinions from others not supporting. Elevation provides services that are so friendly and who knows if this will be your help source.

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