Becoming The Real You


Becoming The Real You

Elevation Behavioral Health is an addiction and a mental health treatment center. It is owned and operated by Dr. Priya Chaudhri and Steven Booth. The rehab center is located in Agoura Hills, California. They do not use the usual twelve step programs. They use holistic therapy along with individual needs. The staff is highly trained therapists. They are an accredited and licensed facility. The facility believes in healing the mind, body and soul.



The holistic rehab program includes meditation, yoga, acupuncture, physical fitness, and nutrition. They believe strongly in individual care. The center maximum capacity is six residents. This enables the residents to get to know the staff in a personal way as well as the feeling of living in a safe environment. Clients learn to heal from the inside out.



Some of the therapeutic programs are art, music, motivational interviewing. This program is for people who are struggling with depression and or a particular kind of matter abuse. The beautiful surroundings is a form of therapy. They have individual and group therapy. The detox program is twenty four hours of supervision. Dual diagnostic treatment is for mental and a particular kind of matter abuse.



Because of their many therapy groups the individual will have several outlets to release negative emotions. Let us not forget healthy nutrition. Eating the right foods can also make you feel and look better. Not only do Elevation Behavioral Health help you inside their facility, when it is time to go back into the world, they prepare you with a variety of skills.


If you are tired of being defeated and living a depressed life. Elevation Behavioral Health is the place for you. It is like heaven on earth. After going through the different programs that are designed for you, you will never be the same. Become the real you. Click on non 12 step rehab programs for more details.